• A crossbreed twin fin fish - something between a high performance twin fin and a keel fish - It features a full outline with the wide point just after the centre, finishing in a medium width swallow tail and a slightly wider nose.

    The Psycho Fish feature that tail bump "side cut thing" first introduced by fish revolutionaries like Rich Pavel. This bump breaks the outline ending in a narrow drivey swallow tail - pivot point to loosen it up and make it turns quicker. The bottom contour of Psycho Fish is a single to double concave.

    A flat deck with fully rails for more buoyancy performance in smaller waves. Ride 4/6 inches shorter than a normal shortboard.

  • Size Width Thickness Volume
    5'2" 20.5 2.25 26.8
    5'4" 20.75 2.31 28.6
    5'6" 21" 2.36 30.8
    5'8" 21.25 2.41 32.4
    5'10" 21.75 2.5 35.1
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